The course introduces trainees to the basic concepts of marketing in the cultural heritage sector by paying particular attention to the environment in which an organization operates. The environmental factors that have an influence on the formulation of the marketing strategy are examined with particular emphasis being placed on the history of a place-destination along with the existence of monuments, museums and cultural activities in this destination.

Who is this course for

The course welcomes applications from upper-year undergraduates, master’s degree students and all other faculties, including art history, tourism marketing, cultural heritage management, archaeology and anthropology. Professionals and non-specialists in related fields may also apply.


The fundamental aim is to help participants extend their ability to think systemically and approach the principles of marketing in the aforementioned sectors through a holistic manner.

Learning outcomes

The program will help trainees to:

  • Understand the factors that are related to the internal and external environment of an organization that operates in the cultural heritage industry and have an influence on its operations and long-term survival in the market.
  • Acknowledge the significance and contribution of the marketing function for such an organization and its relationship with the overall business strategy.
  • Develop an integrated marketing plan.
  • Comprehend how cultural heritage marketing can lead to sustainability in tourism.

Educational methods

Training is delivered with diverse instructional methods. On the one hand, it is based on lectures, case studies, individual and group works and videos, while on the other hand, field trips and workshops with experts in selected geographical areas of cultural heritage interest are part of the main program. During the study period, the trainees will prepare an actual marketing plan for a cultural heritage organization that will be presented during the last day of the lectures. Time for study and teamwork are also included in the program.

Academic Coordinator / Lecturer

Kostis Indounas - AUEB


Georgia Zouni, PhD.

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