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Cutting Edge Courses

Target audience:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning executives
  • Business executives in the fields of Marketing, E-commerce and CRM
  • Businesses that own a mobile platform, that does not return the expected sales and profit benefits
  • On-line pharmacies, greek mobile apps, news web sites, airline companies, large chain stores, etc.
  • Project managers, marketing and website managers or e-Business owners

Host in action. Touristic utilization of your property.

Target group:

Property owners who:

  • dispose property (houses/ apartments) for exploitation
  • are seeking alternative ways to dispose their property
  • have moved for professional or personal reasons and dispose  their former domicile for exploitation
  • do not want long-term exploitation contracts for their disposable property
  • have already started utilizing their property but want to get more knowledge and information

Business Planning for Agricultural Businesses

Target audience:

  • New farmers, who want to properly start their agricultural exploitation, setting the basis for a sustainable agricultural business
  • Existing farmers who want to develop their agricultural exploitation in accordance with the structures and practices of modern entrepreneurship

Εξαγωγές, Εξέλιξη, Αγρότης, Φρούτα, Λαχανικά

Exports of fresh fruit and vegetables

Target audience:

  • New, as well as existing farmers who want to start right or develop their exploitation, according to the market demand.
  • Cooperative Schemes such as Cooperatives, Producers Groups etc. that wish to expand in the international environment or strengthen their presence therein.
  • Commercial and Processing Enterprises (Screeners) in the sector of fresh fruit and vegetables, that wish to expand in the international environment or strengthen their presence therein.
Φορολογία, Αγρότης, Αυτοτιμολόγηση, Εργόσημο, Εξέλιξη

Tax issues for farmers and agribusinesses

Target audience:

  • New farmers who want to get informed on the framework of their taxation
  • Existing farmers and agribusinesses that want to get answers to their questions and solutions to the problems they face regarding their taxation
  • Members of Cooperatives and Producers Groups, who want be informed on the new tax framework  and the financial management of agribusinesses

Creating branded agricultural products

Target audience:

  • New farmers who want to start the production of their products, knowing the potential of the market and their clients.
  • Existing farmers who want to develop their products and make them branded, aiming to a better position in the market.
  • Members of agricultural cooperatives and agricultural organizations.
Digital Tool, Small Enterprises, Excelixi

Digital tools for small enterprises

Target audience:

  • Small enterprises owners (commercial industry, catering & leisure sector, etc. firms)
  • Officers / Managers of small enterprises
  • Everyone who is involved in the marketing and communication of small enterprises, as well as in data organizing.

Target audience:

  • Business executives who are or want to get involved with the planning, implementation and measurement of strategic digital marketing
  • Marketing Managers, PR Managers, Product Managers, Brand Managers, Account Managers, Sales Managers, e-Commerce Managers
  • Small and Medium businesses that want to grow through online promotion of their products and services
  • Anyone who is interested in acquiring top knowledge and skills in digital marketing

Certified agricultural products-services and business benefits

Target audience:

Farmers who:

  • want to sell quality products by establishing win win relations with the consumers and the market
  • want to create competitive agricultural products and services
  • seek environment friendly solutions
  • want to provide services, in the framework of agricultural entrepreneurship and try to strengthen their activity
  • who want to develop their agricultural exploitation, by adopting modern approaches in cultivation, recognized for their quality standards