Choose from the list for information on the workshops in your domain of interest:

Cottage Industry in the agri-food sector

Target audience:

  • Current and new farmers or members of rural businesses and cooperatives who wish to be informed about the operating environment of a cottage industry in order to engage in a similar enterprise or to be informed about the new prospects of their cottage industry
  • Interested parties who are not farmers, but are determined to start a new enterprise which involves processing agricultural products and establishing a cottage industry, provided they become farmers as their main profession

Project Management for Hospitality

Target Audience

  • Owners and executives of Hotel units and accommodations
  • Employees in the tourism sector who wish to develop their professional skills
  • Graduates of the financial sector who are already employed or wish to work in the hotel management sector.
Cutting Edge Course, Excelixi

Cutting Edge Courses

Target audience:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning executives
  • Business executives in the fields of Marketing, E-commerce and CRM
  • Businesses that own a mobile platform, that does not return the expected sales and profit benefits
  • On-line pharmacies, greek mobile apps, news web sites, airline companies, large chain stores, etc.
  • Project managers, marketing and website managers or e-Business owners

Host in action. Touristic utilization of your property.

Target group:

Property owners who:

  • dispose property (houses/ apartments) for exploitation
  • are seeking alternative ways to dispose their property
  • have moved for professional or personal reasons and dispose  their former domicile for exploitation
  • do not want long-term exploitation contracts for their disposable property
  • have already started utilizing their property but want to get more knowledge and information
Digital Tool, Small Enterprises, Excelixi

Digital tools for small enterprises

Target audience:

  • Small enterprises owners (commercial industry, catering & leisure sector, etc. firms)
  • Officers / Managers of small enterprises
  • Everyone who is involved in the marketing and communication of small enterprises, as well as in data organizing.