Workshop Description:

Cottage industry, an established institution with its own legal framework, can be a very important tool in the hands of small producers and can help them increase their income. As more and more farmers and rural enterprises are interested in developing their own business within the framework of Cottage Industry, the course "Cottage Industry in the agri-food sector" was designed to offer the basic skills a farmer needs in order to run a successful cottage industry. 


The course aims at providing the participants with theoretical and hands-on skills regarding the process of establishing and operating a cottage unit in the framework of financing their investment plan, as well as methods of direct marketing and promotion of their products.


Upon completion of the seminar, participants will be familiar with the business benefits that arise from certifying their agricultural products and services and will:

  • Know the conditions for the establishment and operation of a cottage industry
  • Explore alternative methods of direct marketing and promotion and adopt the most efficient/appropriate one for their product
  • Grasp and interpret guidelines to avoid ordinary problems and difficulties
  • Analyze and identify the key factors that will lead to the success of their Cottage Industry
  • Be familiar with the existing financing framework

Target audience:

  • Current and new farmers or members of rural businesses and cooperatives who wish to be informed about the operating environment of a cottage industry in order to engage in a similar enterprise or to be informed about the new prospects of their cottage industry
  • Interested parties who are not farmers, but are determined to start a new enterprise which involves processing agricultural products and establishing a cottage industry, provided they become farmers as their main profession

Course outline:

    1st Module (3 hours)

    • Presentation of the framework for the establishment and operation of a cottage industry
    • Reference to specialized examples of cottage industry best practices with a focus on the following products:
      • Edible olives - Flavored olive oils
      • Jams
      • Sweet preserves-compotes-fruit
      • Traditional Pasta, sun-dried tomato

    2nd Module (3 hours)

    • Marketing of agricultural products
    • Presentation of packaging methods
    • Sales and export prospects
    • Licenses - Registers
    • Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000 / HACCP)
    • Framework of investment plan financing, grants
  • At the training center (El. Venizelou & 154 Romilias Kastri, N.Erithrea)
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • 100
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