Workshop Description:

Specialized training program for tourist utilization of housing and accommodation through short-term lease.

Seminar description

For house/apartment owners who are seeking alternative ways to increase their income, touristic utilization in the framework of short-term lease has become a particularly popular and effective way to dispose of their immovable property through online business platforms such as Airbnb, Βooking, homeaway etc.     

Excelixi has designed a specialized training program, “Host in action. Touristic utilization of your property, aiming at providing the necessary knowledge owners must have in order to utilize touristically their property and secure an additional income.

Aim and Purpose

The program aims to provide the theory, the practical knowledge and tools in order for property owners to be able to exploit their property (urban or rural) in the most efficient manner.

Within 16 hours, with professional speakers specialized in the sector of short-term lease and experienced in the sector of hospitality, participants will learn the institutional and fiscal framework, how to invoice their services provided, the space configuration techniques, the ways to promote effective and successful hospitality and the secrets thereof.


By attending the training program, participants will be able to:

  • have a comprehensive and thorough training on the institutional and fiscal framework governing short-term real estate leases
  • be aware of alternative ways to exploit  their property and increase their income
  • utilize opportunities for short-term leases of their property without being bound for a long period
  • expand their target- customer base
  • identify and evaluate the different existing platforms
  • promote their online business through methods ensuring high occupancy
  • distinguish themselves by offering a unique hospitality experience
  • evaluate tourist accommodation management companies if they want to choose an associate
  • monitor development in the sector
Target Audience

Property owners who:

  • dispose property (houses/ apartments) for exploitation
  • are seeking alternative ways to dispose their property, since from the traditional long-term lease they may have additional financial loss from overdue rents and uncollected bills
  • have moved for professional or personal reasons and dispose  their former domicile for exploitation
  • do not want long-term exploitation contracts for their disposable property
  • have already started utilizing their property but want to get in touch with professionals of the branch, who will provide them with comprehensive and reliable information

As well as:

  • constructors of houses or apartments seeking alternative ways to exploit them in view of the difficulty in selling or renting them
  • managers of property for tourist utilization
 Brief program
  • the operating framework for tourist housing, luxurious houses and furnished apartments for rent
  • invoicing non-main tourist accommodation – warranty issues
  • fiscal operating framework
  • space configuration techniques in tourist accommodation
  • effective and successful hospitality
  • promotion of tourist accommodation

Means of payment - reimbursement:

  • Deposit or Transmittance
  • Credit Card
  • Duration: 16 hours
  • 250
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