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Workshop Description:

The rapid and constant changes in the tax regime require that professional farmers use in their everyday life knowledge and practices which they didn’t possess until recently.

Aiming at supporting agricultural entrepreneurship, the training program “Tax issues for farmers and agribusinesses” was designed.


The program aims at importing to trainees in a comprehensive and summarized way the basic and necessary knowledge on the new income tax framework for agribusinesses.


Through participating in the seminar, farmers will be able to:

  • Comprehend the new taxation framework
  • Utilize the  benefits from the systematic recording of their business income and expenses
  • Correctly imprint their tax details, so that the tax they pay will correspond to their real tax capacity
  • Get informed about the new ways to implement financial operations, so as to meet the requirements of the demanding and rapidly changing environment
  • Better organize their everyday life, so that the obligations deriving from the new tax regime will not hinder their main concern, which is the yield of their cultivation
  • Collaborate in an effective way with their accountants, to whom they assign to carry out their tax obligations

Target audience:

  • New farmers who want to get informed on the framework of their taxation
  • Existing farmers and agribusinesses that want to get answers to their questions and solutions to the problems they face regarding their taxation
  • Members of Cooperatives and Producers Groups, who want be informed on the new tax framework  and the financial management of agribusinesses

Brief program:

  • Who are considered farmers by main occupation in accordance with the new law
  • Changes in the way of integration of farmers into the special or normal VAT regime. Who are integrated into the normal VAT regime Integration - withdrawal from the normal regime, and when
  • Submitting Aggregate Customers - supplier statements of farmers of special as well as normal regime
  • VAT coefficients of agricultural products and services. VAT refund to farmers of special regime. Procedures of VAT refund to farmers of normal regime
  • Assets Register - depreciation. Invoices - Self-billing 
  • New regime from 01.01.17 regarding taxation for all those who exercise agricultural activity
  • Subsidies - Allowances – Compensations
  • $name
  • Duration: 6 hours
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