Kastri Hotel, which is located at the Center of Sustainable Entrepreneurship Excelixi, announces its participation in the program of the nonprofit organization “Clean Hands” which collects used soaps from hotels. By participating in the program, soaps that have been used in the hotel are collected and given to the organization Clean Hands, which after a process of disinfection and recycling, are promoted to poor families, schools and institutions in need.

The cooperation of Kastri Hotel with Clean Hands is in this context of its environmental policy, which includes actions such as reducing unnecessary energy use and excessive use of laundry by raising the awareness of its staff and guests.

During 2014 the Hotel is expected to complete an extensive plan of interventions that will significantly enhance the energy efficiency of the building and will lead to a further reduction of its environmental footprint.

The organization “Clean Hands” started its action in 2012 with the mission to reduce waste and improve global health and is the first organization of its kind in Greece. Its aim is to use all appropriate and lawful ways by collecting soap scum from the hotels and then disinfect and recycle it, in order to convert them to new soaps. The new soaps are forwarded to poor families, schools, nursing homes, social groceries, and/ or poor countries.