Workshop Description:

The Digital Marketing Practitioner is the most practical and rewarding in knowledge and skills training program in digital marketing. 

Within 115 hours of education the theory and all the techniques, tools and the latest strategies of digital marketing are deeply analyzed. The training is conducted through a balanced combination of theory and practice in P/C. With 22 Greek instructors, leaders in the industry of digital marketing , participants acquire specialized knowledge and skills in order to be able to plan, coordinate, implement and evaluate digital marketing strategy and online campaigns.

The aim of the program is the comprehensive training in theory, techniques, tools and the latest strategies of digital marketing. After graduation, participants will have all the tools and skills needed to be able to plan, coordinate, implement and evaluate digital marketing strategy and online campaigns, as well as to effectively build a brand through digital marketing.

Programme Outline:

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing [3 hours] 
  • Prelearning course [3 hours]
  • Mobile Marketing [3 hours] 
  • SEO [3 hours] 
  • Online Competition Analysis [3 hours] 
  • Selecting an agency for your website [3 hours] 
  • e-Mail Marketing [3 hours]
  • Brand on Line [3 hours] 
  • Content Marketing [3 hours]
  • Digital Marketing Strategy [3 hours] 
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation [6 hours] 
  • Social Media [6 hours] 
  • Web Analytics [9 hours] 
  • Pay Per Click [9 hours] 
  • Affiliate Marketing [3 hours] 
  • e-Legal for Digital Marketing [3 hours]
  • e-Commerce Fundamentals [3 hours] 
  • Digital Publishing [3 hours]
  • Presentation Skills [3 hours]
  • Instore Technologies for Digital Experiences [3 hours]
  • Customer Experience in an omnichannel world [3 hours]
  • Growth Hacking [3 hours]
  • Business Plan for an eBusiness [3 hours] 
  • Final Digital Marketing Strategy Project [3 hours]


The students will attend the specialized e-learning program, which leads to the Market Motive certification:

  • SEO – Danny Dover
  • Social Media Marketing – Jennifer Evans Cario
  • Conversion Optimization – Lilach Bullock
  • Web Analytics – Avinash Kaushik
  • PPC Advertising - Brad Geddes
  • Mobile Marketing – Jeff Hasen
  • Content Marketing – Greg Jarboe
  • Email Marketing – Matt Bailey

Digicamp and Final Digital Marketing Strategy Project

The innovative 2-day Digicamp, gives the participants the opportunity to complete their specialized and multifaceted education through practice.

During their 2-day stay in the camp (which includes full board and accommodation at Domotel Kastri and participation in events) the students will have the opportunity to apply, undistracted and in an efficient and practical way, the digital marketing tools and techniques which they were taught during the course. Working in groups and having all the time they need, they will undertake to solve a real problem concerning the development of a digital marketing strategy for large companies operating in the Greek market. The Final Digital Marketing Strategy Project, that each group has developed, is presented on the second day of the camp to a committee, composing of recognized corporate executives who provide participants with feedback.

  • At the training center (El. Venizelou & 154 Romilias Kastri, N.Erithrea)
  • 1. Certificate of attendance in eAcademy Digital Marketing Practitioner after in-class examination in all subjects through multiple choice test and delivery of the final project.
    2. Specialization Certificate Market Motive, after the completion of the courses.
    3. OMCA (Online Marketing Certified Associate), after online examination for the elective courses through multiple choice test in english (exams cost: $225).

  • Duration: 115 hours
  • 1750
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