Workshop Description:

Digital Transformation Academy in Retail is the first integrated Educational Academy in Greece for the Digital Transformation of retail and wholesale businesses.”Excelixi”, in cooperation with eSkills Center and the support of Beiersdorf Hellas, have created a pioneering educational program with leading professionals in the sector.

Aim and purpose

The program aims at the integrated education of senior executives, in theory, tools and up-to date practices of Digital Transformation.  The changes deriving from this procedure create huge opportunities and benefits for companies that will first comprehend and adopt the strategy of digital transformation and effectively implement it in their internal structures.

Within 51 hours of training, the key Digital Transformation pillars and techniques are analyzed in-depth, preparing senior executives to make the right decisions, by making their business competitive and successful. 


Immediate acquisition of knowledge and study of best practices through a carefully structured and effective educational procedure, in order for participants to:

  • understand the strategic importance of  Digital Transformation and how to deal with the relevant challenges in order for their businesses to remain sustainable
  • acknowledge the necessity to create a universal Digital culture in their company and choose the suitable methods to spread it  
  • familiarize with the new technologies and  business models leading to Digital Transformation in their sector
  • plan and support the adjustments required in organizational structures, roles, systems, procedures & business models
  • set targets and draw up a realistic Digital Transformation plan
  • boost innovation in their company

Target Audience

The program is intended for senior executives of businesses and companies, active in Retail and Wholesale, who are seeking for guidance in order to effectively lead their business to digital transformation. Specifically, it is intended for: 

  • CTOs & CIOs
  • Senior Executives who run or will undertake Digital Transformation projects 

Programme Outline:

  • Digital Transformation in Wholesale B2B Collaboration [3 hours] 
  • Instore Technologies for a Digital Experience [3 hours]
  • Big Data in Retail [3 hours] 
  • e-Commerce [3 hours] 
  • Digital Transformation in Logistics [3 hours] 
  • Digital Marketing [3 hours] 
  • Using Digital for cross-border sales [3 hours]
  • Mobile Trends in Retail [3 hours]
  • e-HR [3 hours]
  • Digital Transformation in CRM [3 hours]
  • Digital Tools for Your Business [3 hours]
  • Customer Experience in the Digital Era [3 hours]
  • Change Management towards Digital [3 hours]
  • Roles & People Management in the Digital Ecosystem [3 hours]
  • Business Plan for an eBusiness [3 hours]

Cost of program


Means of payment - reimbursement:

  • Deposit or Transmittance
  • Credit Card
  • At the training center (El. Venizelou & 154 Romilias Kastri, N.Erithrea)
  • Certificate of attendance of Digital Transformation Academy in Retail, after in-class examination in all subjects through multiple choice test and delivery of the final project

  • Duration: 51 hours
  • 1500
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