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Workshop Description:

The spread of Internet in recent years, has radically changed the Greek business model. Recent research, however, showed that 30% of Greek small enterprises do not use any electronic / digital tools (ie information systems to improve internal operations and its production process, internet tools to enhance communication with suppliers and clients -  like e-commerce for instance).

The electronic / digital tools - especially the software and applications that enable the collection, processing, storage and use of information that lead to a business’s strategic decisions and effective control, are spanning in a wide range.

Excelixi recognizing the need of the small Greek enterprises for development, sustainability and acquisition of comparative advantage, especially in local markets, designed and implemented the training program "Digital tools for small enterprises".

Aim and Purpose

The program is aiming to provide small enterprises, the necessary knowledge concerning digital tools, in a comprehensive and practical way. Within 12 hours, the participants will get acquainted with the free internet tools for internal communication and organization (emails, calendar), with data security (icloud, Google drive) and with education tools, recruitment and human resources evaluation.

The program will also focus on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin) and how they can affect the image and sales of a business.


At the end of the program participants will be able to:

  • find useful information and tools for their business on the web
  • properly organize the database of their company, thereby reducing man-hours and costs
  • improve the competitiveness of their company using social networks to promote business products or services
  • create professional pages on social media and apply online strategy depending on the type, style and needs of each company
  • optimize their advertising techniques on facebook
  • connect through the personal  facebook group, which will be introduced after the end of the seminar and share best practices and information.

Target Audience

  • Small enterprises owners (commercial industry, catering & leisure sector, etc. firms)

  • Officers / Managers of small enterprises

  • Everyone who is involved in the marketing and communication of small enterprises, as well as in data organizing.

 Brief program

  • Internal organization and communication

  • Use and data security

  • Tools for a company’s effective online development

  • External communication tools of the company and their application in practice

  • Instagram

  • Linkedin

  • Facebook - Fan Page & Advertising

  • Workshop - Practice

Means of payment - reimbursement:
  • Deposit or Transmittance
  • Credit Card

  • At the training center (El. Venizelou & 154 Romilias Kastri, N.Erithrea)
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • 220
For more information and questions regarding this workshop Contact us or contact Mrs. Kalfa Anna-Maria, 210 6291413 and Mrs. Pappa Koula, 210 3739126.