Workshop Description:

Τhe Digital Marketing Crash Course is a specialized intensive training course on digital marketing.

Within 60 hours of training, theory and techniques, tools and the most modern digital marketing strategies are analyzed. With 5 Greek instructors, leading in the domestic digital marketing industry and 8 foreign, pundits recognized worldwide, participants acquire specialized knowledge in order to be able to plan, coordinate, implement and evaluate digital marketing strategies and online campaigns.

Responsible for the training program:

The coordination and planning of the educational process is carried out by Panagiotis Gezerlis, CEO of Convert Group eBusiness Consulting, acclaimed member in the field, who has undertaken the training of hundreds of executives at the e-Academy of the Center of Sustainable Entrepreneurship Excelixi and in eBusiness in general.


The program aims to provide in a comprehensible and practical way to those who are active or want to become active in electronic business with the most modern know-how in digital marketing. At the end of the course, participants will have the tools and skills to plan and implement digital marketing strategies and online campaigns, as well as to participate in the tests in order to receive worldwide recognized certification in digital marketing.


  • Direct acquisition of knowledge and skills in digital marketing, through a carefully thought out and effective educational process.
  • Preparation for the OMCA (Online Marketing Certified Associate), the most recognizable certification for digital marketing in the US and Great Britain
  • Networking with leading industry professionals.

Target audience:

  • Business executives who are or want to get involved with the planning, implementation and measurement of strategic digital marketing
  • Marketing Managers, PR Managers, Product Managers, Brand Managers, Account Managers, Sales Managers, e-Commerce Managers
  • Small and Medium businesses that want to grow through online promotion of their products and services
  • Anyone who is interested in acquiring top knowledge and skills in digital marketing

It is not necessary to have previous knowledge or experience in digital marketing, since the basic concepts and approaches of the subject shall be explained right from the start and in a clear manner by all instructors.

Brief program:

  • e-Mail Marketing [1,5 hour] - Gezerlis (Convert Group): Planning and implementation of successful e-mail marketing actions, through constant optimization and user acquisition & user activation effective actions.
  • Competition Analysis [1,5hour] - Gezerlis (Convert Group): Tools and tactics for the evaluation of our online competitors.
  • Affiliate Marketing [1 hour] - Gezerlis (Convert Group): Knowledge of the optimal practices on the part of the advertiser / merchant as well as the affiliate, for efficient campaigns in affiliate marketing.
  • e-Commerce& Lead Generation Fund [1,5 hour] - Gezerlis (Convert Group): Introduction to e-commerce and lead generation, through the best practices in the field.
  • Business Plan for an eBusiness [2,5 hours] - Gezerlis (Convert Group): Building a business plan and a 3-year P & L for eBusiness Projects. Participants shall receive a detailed tool in excel for their own projects..
  • Social Media [4 hours] - Μoulos (Pinnatta): Planning and implementing a strategy in the social media. Effective approaches for successful presence in the 6-7 key social networks and practical courses for setting up an account and social ads.
  • Online PR & Bloggers Relations [1 hour] - Μoulos (Pinnatta): Planning PR actions in digital environment and buildingan effective and efficient relationship with bloggers.
  • Mobile Marketing [3 hours] - Μoulos (Pinnatta): Introduction to the opportunities and ways of using mobile technologies and devices (always-on) for efficient marketing to target audience, content and location.
  • Google Adwords [4 hours] - Nikolopoulos (Growth): Training on how to set up and manage PPC campaigns across Google AdWords platform, how to specify target audiences and measure the results of a campaign
  • Google Analytics [4 hours] - Nikolopoulos (Growth): Knowledge of techniques to measure and evaluate data and results in order to optimize the Online Marketing activities through the most popular Online analysis and reporting platform.
  • Selecting an agency for your website [3 hours] - Mastrokolias (Netstudio): Training on technical matters of a website and cooperation issues with the agency that will take over.
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation [3 hours] - Chatziioannou (Netstudio): Theory as well as practical training on conversion rate optimization tools for the creation of useful user interfaces on the desktop & mobile web.
  • SEO [2 hours] - Mastrokolias (Netstudio): The right strategies at all levels (content, techniques, social media, on & off-site, etc.) to improve the position of a site in the search engines results.


The Online Marketing Foundations courses are comprehensive teaching modules that provide all basic knowledge on digital marketing and how it is effectively implemented in practice. By selecting and attending six of the following modules, participants ensure a complete preparation for the examinations leading to the internationally recognized OMCA.

  • SEO – Danny Dover
  • Social Media Marketing – Jennifer Evans Cario
  • Conversion Optimization – Bryan Eisenberg
  • Web Analytics – Avinash Kaushik
  • PPC Advertising - Brad Geddes
  • Mobile Marketing – Jeff Hasen
  • Content Marketing – Greg Jarboe
  • Email Marketing – Matt Bailey

Training methods:

  • 32 hours classroom
  • 28 hours e-learning (theory and practice) with electives inEnglish language

The seminar can be subsidized by the program LAEK 0,24% of OAED (Manpower Employment Organization). Our company can help in carrying out the application procedure to join the LAEK program 0,24%. For further information or clarification, please contact the LAEK (Account for Employment and Vocational Training) responsible Mr. George Tataridas - Pallas, +30 210 6291493.

  • 1. Certificate of attendance by Excelixi.
    2. Specialization Certificate Market Motive, after the completion of the e-learning courses.
    3. OMCA (Online Marketing Certified Associate), after online examination for the elective courses through multiple choice test in english (exams cost: $225).

  • Duration: 60 hours
  • 950
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