Workshop Description:

The Center of Sustainable Entrepreneurship Excelixi has structured the specialized training program "Negotiate properly - For farmers".

Considering farmers’ limited available time and the particular conditions of their work, a one-day, 6-hour training program has been designed, at the affordable cost of €100, answering theoretically and practically on what someone must do in order to achieve what we all seek: "To communicate properly, sell better and earn more.”


Through group exercises and practical tools, the program aims to help the farmer - producer to improve their negotiating skills, in order to achieve positive results in a friendly atmosphere, with profit for both sides.


By participating in this seminar, farmers will be able to:
  • Sell their products at prices that meet their quality and benefits
  • New farmers starting their agricultural business, who want to get acquainted with the methods of sale and negotiation with their customers and suppliers

Target audience:

  • Farmers who want to promote quality products to the market and consumers in satisfactory and mutually beneficial prices
  • Existing farmers who want to develop their products and make them branded, aiming to a better position in the market

Brief program:

  • 1st HOUR: The Preparation of Negotiation
  • 2nd HOUR: The key-elements of Negotiation
  • 3rd HOUR: The Techniques of Negotiation
  • 4th HOUR: Cases of Negotiations
  • 5th & 6th HOUR: Negotiation practical training in an interactive way
  • Duration: 6 hours
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