The Center of Innovation & Entrepreneurship aims to actively support actions and initiatives which shall contribute to the promotion of innovation in the critical sectors of the Hellenic economy, where Excelixi focuses its activities. Moreover, it supports the development of entrepreneurship in the country, especially for young people, by providing consulting services for startups like mentoring, implementing EU co-financed programs, specialized events etc.

The activity of the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship is based on the exploitation of networks which are built by Excelixi within and outside the Piraeus Bank Group. These networks help create the necessary synergies with relevant bodies which have considerable expertise and international experience.

One of the first actions of Excelixi in this area is the support of the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award of The Hellenic Initiative (THI), under the agreement of Piraeus Bank to contribute to the winning funds over five years.

Excelixi offered support both to applicants and winners of the Award. 

For information on the services provided by Excelixi, please contact: Mr. Lampros Tsiakanikas, 210 6291339,