We are a cradle for the development of responsible entrepreneurship, aiming to be a catalyst for change in critical sectors of the Hellenic economy.

We effectively utilize synergies, networks and innovative business models. Due to our energized and committed manpower we provide our clients with comprehensive services and solutions based on their needs.

As an organization we are seeking:

  • To become an important pillar to support sustainable development in the country
  • To be an energetic body for change and reconstruction in the critical sectors of Hellenic economy in which we intervene
  • To become a key player for the support of responsible entrepreneurship
  • To become a cradle of innovation and creativity
  • To promote and support the development of the economy, knowledge, experience and human communication by utilizing technology correctly
  • To provide products & services of high quality
  • To contribute to the credibility and sustainability of the Group’s customers
  • To be faithful to the principles and values which represent the name and reputation of the Group
  • To be viable, to develop in a healthy way and to contribute to the profitability of the Group
  • To have loyal, activated, responsible and well-trained executives
  • To operate with excellent team spirit, with cooperation, mutual understanding and respect
  • To utilize or produce, where appropriate, synergies which shall add value, by building a wide network of collaborators who contribute to the achievement of broader goals for the organization and who are aligned with our mission, principles and values
  • To be an active member and supporter of social institutions, initiatives and actions which promote the same principles, by contributing both as an enterprise and as responsible individuals through voluntary action and offer.