Winbank and the Center of Sustainable Entrepreneurship Excelixi of Piraeus Bank Group will host Tedx Athens 2013 livestreaming from the Onassis Cultural Centre at the conference center of Excelixi, at Kastri.

TedxAthens is an annual conference of international standards which promotes Innovation and Creativity and has started in Athens in May, 2009. The theme of this year Tedx is “Unchartered Waters”. The “charts” of the past are not enough to proceed to the future and new data lead us to new paths. Our country and the international community flow in unchartered waters and we have to find our way under unknown directions. Fear is given. But we have to challenge it, to fight it and to see it as an incentive for creation. People from different areas are ready to travel in unchartered waters to make their vision become true, to share with us their experiences, their beautiful and sad moments and to propose us a way to explore our unknown and to rearrange our perception of the world.

Those who will be at the conference center of Excelixi on November 29 & 30, will have the chance to watch in livestreaming the speakers of Tedx Athens 2013 while the atmosphere of the event will be transferred through happenings, music and a cocktail party on Friday evening.