From the first moment we started designing the Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship Excelixi S.A. had a very clear orientation in mind: to become an important pillar to support sustainable development in the country which shall actively contribute to change and reconstruction in critical sectors of the Hellenic economy in which it will intervene.

As an organization we seek to effectively utilize partnerships, synergies, networks and innovative business models in order to provide our customers with integrated services and solutions based on their needs. Therefore, we can substantially contribute to the attraction of new viable customers for the Group, but also strengthen the credibility and viability of the existing ones, by complementing with essential services the portfolio of products & services of the Group.

Excelixi is an open organization in constant contact with the financial and business world as well as the society, in full alignment with the core philosophy and social responsibility of the Piraeus Bank Group. It operates as an active member and supporter of social institutions, initiatives and actions which are aligned with its mission, principles and values.

George Katsouranis
Managing Director