The Center of Sustainable Entrepreneurship Excelixi, consisting of a team of skillful experts, provides its customers / potential investors with high level consulting services, relating to the elaboration and implementation of their investment plans 

It provides consulting services, for companies based in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and Crete that include:

Submission of investment folder

  • Collection of the data required for establishing the investment file
  • Processing of data and preparation of the investment plan
  • Financial analysis and investment sustainability
  • Submitting electronically the complete qualification application

Administration and surveillance of the investment folder

  • Providing data and information to the authorities in order to facilitate the file evaluation
  • Collection and submission of the required documentation, as for the completion of the investment file

Administration and surveillance of the investment project

  • Administrative, financial and technical monitoring of the investment implementation
  • Reporting and requests under the terms of the approval decision
  • Implementation of all necessary actions required to the authorities or other funding sources

If your investment project involves the development and management of an e-shop, we provide you with the support required for your investment to be successful and profitable. We may draft:

  • a 3-year Business Plan, in order to evaluate your investment and its yield
  • e-Shop platform specifications and requirements, for its proper operation
  • e-shop management procedures (orders, returns, e-CustomerCare, e-Payments, e-Logistics, Content management (photos & text))

and guidance, both in terms of consulting and training, throughout the development of your e-shop.

For further information: Mrs. Vicky Nikolopoulou, 210 3739035,